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The women in York recovering from burns after decanting petrol in her kitchen is not the first victim of this Government by a long way.  The ever growing number of sick and disabled benefits claimants committing suicide and the families forced into homelessness and pensioners into poverty are all casualties of this Tory onslaught.  After Blair’s murderous reign it seems that we can now measure Governments by the bodycount rather than their policies.

But you would have thought, at the very least, not advising your citizens to blow themselves up would be a duty of any Government.  Francis Maude’s comments would have seen him jailed if he was a teenager bragging on facebook.  Instead it’s business as usual for the arrogant toffs who have attempted to blame everyone but themselves for plunging the country into chaos.

In many workplaces, someone who gave out advice on handling flammable materials which turned…

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